Mission Texas Animal Control
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Mission Texas Animal Control

Mission, TX

PawStories Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and  has expanded from a one-person operation to a small but effective rescue organization that is known for being highly ethical and willing to take on even those dogs who need significant medical attention and at the time of rescue had no hope at life even less a happy, safe and great life, and also works with other independent and non profit rescuers.

PawStories rescues dogs and vets them back to health then transports these dogs and puppies to other rescues outside of Texas.

Made in the USA

ShelterBeds are manufactured in Baltimore, Maryland


ShelterBeds partners with over 9,000 animal welfare organizations

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Beds are purchased by donors for the shelter


ShelterBeds are shipped directly to the shelter

Cat and Dog Sleeping

Beds provide a comfortable resting place for shelter pets

Bed - Cambridge
Vinyl - Royal - 33" x 22"

Needed: 10 Already Purchased: 2

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Bed - Cambridge
Vinyl - Royal - 38" x 24"

Needed: 25 Already Purchased: 3

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Cat Bed - PVC - Almond
Vinyl - Royal - 21" X 15"

Needed: 10 Already Purchased: 1

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