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Donate a ShelterBed to Anderson Humane Society, Inc. in Lawrenceburg, KY

Logo for Anderson Humane Society, Inc.

Anderson Humane Society (AHS) is a non-profit society dedicated to serving the homeless and abandoned animal population of Anderson County, Kentucky. AHS leads the community in elevating people’s belief, attitude and behavior to enhance the quality of life for companion animals. We strive to grow AHS through active participation from the community including, but not limited to: volunteer work, donors, membership, building and maintaining our facility and implementing community educational programs.

44 x 27 Vinyl Royal Anodized Aluminum Bed

Seeking 4 more. 0 donated.

Anodized Aluminum Bed

44 x 27 Vinyl Royal



2 Nest Vinyl Royal Almond Cat Tower

Seeking 3 more. 1 donated.

Almond Cat Tower

2 Nest Vinyl Royal



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