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Donate a ShelterBed to Quailwings Rescue in Cut Bank, MT

Logo for Quailwings Rescue

  • Kuranda Beds are the superior choice in shelters and rescues due to their durability and added protection of a 1-Year Chew Proof Warranty.
  • Shelters prefer Kuranda beds since they are easy to clean and sanitize, minimizing the spread of infectious disease.
  • The elevated sleep surface helps regulate body temperature, both in warmer and cooler months.
  • The orthopedic design alleviates pressure points on joints.
  • Quality sleep reduces stress which keeps animals healthy and feeling good while they await their forever homes.

  • Quailwings Rescue has specifically chosen the items listed here for purchase. They are asking for Kuranda Bed Donations to make the animals in their care more comfortable. Thank you for donating a Kuranda Bed!

40 x 25 Vinyl Royal Anodized Aluminum Bed

Seeking 5 more. 0 donated.

Anodized Aluminum Bed

40 x 25 Vinyl Royal



5 Nest Vinyl Royal Almond Cat Tower

Seeking 5 more. 0 donated.

Almond Cat Tower

5 Nest Vinyl Royal



Cat Oatmeal Fleece Blanket

Seeking 18 more. 2 donated.

Fleece Blanket

Cat Oatmeal



40 x 25 Oatmeal Fleece Blanket

Seeking 5 more. 0 donated.

Fleece Blanket

40 x 25 Oatmeal



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