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Donate a ShelterBed to Aristocats in Orange City, FL

Logo for Aristocats

Our mission is dedicated to rescuing and protecting unwanted felines that would otherwise be euthanized.  We see to it that our felines are spayed or neutered as to reduce any potential unwanted lives in the future.  Our friendly felines are adopted out into forever homes, while any feral felines are carefully relocated or returned.  In our efforts, we assist and educate others in taking responsibility, the tragedy of pet overpopulation, and the importance of saving lives by means of spaying and neutering.

Vinyl Burgundy Almond Cat Bed

Seeking 10 more. 0 donated.

Almond Cat Bed

Vinyl Burgundy



Textilene Birch Kitty Cot

Seeking 5 more. 0 donated.

Kitty Cot

Textilene Birch



5 Nest Vinyl Burgundy Almond Cat Tower

Seeking 3 more. 0 donated.

Almond Cat Tower

5 Nest Vinyl Burgundy



Cat Oatmeal Fleece Blanket

Bed not included.

Seeking 20 more. 0 donated.

Fleece Blanket

Cat Oatmeal



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