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Cats Exclusive

Margate, FL

- To advance in every way possible, promote and encourage kindness, care and understanding of all cats and all animals.

- To hold shows for the primary purpose of raising funds in order to care for less fortunate cats and provide for their needs.

- To support charitable cat organizations and donate funds for the betterment of feline health and well being.

- To discourage the de-clawing of cats and discourage the sale or consignment of any cat or kitten to pet shops or any cat to any organization for inhumane research.

- To encourage neutering and spaying of non-purebred cats and pure-bred cats of pet quality.

- To cultivate friendship and common interest among all owners, fanciers and breeders of cats.

Yes! All items that are donated to a Shelter or Rescue get discounted prices.

All Donations shipping to the lower 48 states receive free shipping.

Shipping and brokerage fees are added to donations shipping to Canada. All donations are delivered duty paid. Prices are in U.S. Dollars.

Cats Exclusive has already filled out their shipping address for your donation order. All orders ship directly from us to them. You and the organization will receive tracking information, so you both will know when your donated items are delivered!

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