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No Dogs Left Behind, Inc.

Scarborough, ON

NDLB is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal welfare organization that leads the way in the global war against animal cruelty. We operate boots on the ground in East Asia, fighting on the front lines to rescue dogs from the illegal dog meat trade.  We work hands-on with local activists executing slaughterhouse shutdowns, intercepting dog trafficking trucks, and shutting down dog trafficking breeder locations.

We operate three sanctuaries where these once victimized and exploited dogs receive all necessary medical care, vaccinations, sterilization, nutritional support and rehabilitation on an ongoing basis.  NDLB goes beyond rescue, doing whatever it takes to heal the physical and emotional scars these animals suffer, and to find them their forever loving homes. 

How the Shelter Program Works Infographic - ShelterBeds are Manufactured in Baltimore Maryland. ShelterBeds partners with over 9.000 animal welfare organizations. Beds are purchased by donors for the shelter. ShelterBeds are shipped directly to the shelter. Beds provide a comfortable resting place for shelter pets.
How the Shelter Program Works Infographic

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