San Diego Humane Society
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San Diego Humane Society

San Diego, CA

San Diego Humane Society is a non-profit animal welfare organization committed to ending animal homelessness. We have been saving animal lives and serving the community for 138 years and we are proud to be the safety net for 90% of our regions lost, abused and neglected animals. SDHS will be a refuge to 50,000 animals this year, and we put no time limit on how long animals remain in our care, a pet stays available for adoption as long as needed to find a loving home.

Cat Bed - PVC - Almond
Vinyl - Smoke - 21" X 15"

Needed: 50 Already Purchased: 22

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Kennel Bed - PVC - Almond
Vinyl - Smoke - 40" x 25"

Needed: 50 Already Purchased: 36

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