Guilford County Animal Services
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Guilford County Animal Services

Greensboro, NC

Partnering with Kuranda ShelterBeds to improve the lives of adoptable pets in our community. Every shelter pet deserves a clean, comfortable bed.


Made in the USA

ShelterBeds are manufactured in Baltimore, Maryland


ShelterBeds partners with over 9,000 animal welfare organizations

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Beds are purchased by donors for the shelter


ShelterBeds are shipped directly to the shelter

Cat and Dog Sleeping

Beds provide a comfortable resting place for shelter pets

Cat Bed - PVC - Almond
Vinyl - Royal - 21" X 15"

Needed: 15 Already Purchased: 5

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Kennel Bed - PVC - Almond
Vinyl - Smoke - 35" x 23"

Needed: 15 Already Purchased: 6

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Kennel Bed - PVC - Almond
Vinyl - Royal - 40" x 25"

Needed: 15 Already Purchased: 8

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Kennel Bed - PVC - Almond
Vinyl - Burgundy - 44" x 27"

Needed: 10 Already Purchased: 6

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Kuranda beds have proven rugged durability while providing warm, soft, off the floor comfort for thousands of dogs and cats in animal shelters across the US, Puerto Rico and beyond.

The unique chew proof design tucks the extra durable 40 oz vinyl coated polyester fabric safely inside a special channel in the frame. Aluminum frames are corrosion resistant and rust proof. All parts and fabrics are replaceable.

Kuranda beds are made in the USA backed with a 1 Year Warranty.

On behalf of the animals and their caretakers who greatly benefit from your kind donation,
Thank you!