City of Waco Animal Care & Shelter Services
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City of Waco Animal Care & Shelter Services

Waco, TX

The City of Waco Animal Care Unit provides service by active enforcement of state and local laws, the humane sheltering and disposal of stray, dangerous, and unwanted animals, the promotion of responsible pet ownership and animal welfare, and to strive toward the ultimate goal of the elimination of the need to euthanize healthy or unwanted animals.

Made in the USA

ShelterBeds are manufactured in Baltimore, Maryland


ShelterBeds partners with over 9,000 animal welfare organizations

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Beds are purchased by donors for the shelter


ShelterBeds are shipped directly to the shelter

Cat and Dog Sleeping

Beds provide a comfortable resting place for shelter pets

Bed - Aluminum - Anodized
Vinyl - Royal - 35" x 23"

Needed: 30 Already Purchased: 8

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Cat Bed - PVC - Walnut
Vinyl - Royal - 21" X 15"

Needed: 15 Already Purchased: 14

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