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Charlottesville-Albemarle S.P.C.A.

Charlottesville, VA

The Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA is a nonprofit animal welfare organization that provides a safe environment for the lost, abandoned, and homeless animals of Charlottesville and Albemarle County and aims to place each animal in a loving home. The Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA's mission is to advance the compassionate treatment of animals by providing sheltering, medical care, and behavioral services for dogs and cats; promoting permanent, caring homes; and furthering education and outreach.

Thank you for your donation of a Kuranda ShelterBed to help our pets get the quality rest they deserve as they await their forever homes.

How the Shelter Program Works Infographic - ShelterBeds are Manufactured in Baltimore Maryland. ShelterBeds partners with over 9.000 animal welfare organizations. Beds are purchased by donors for the shelter. ShelterBeds are shipped directly to the shelter. Beds provide a comfortable resting place for shelter pets.
How the Shelter Program Works Infographic
Cat Bed - PVC - Walnut- Vinyl - Royal - 21" X 15"
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  • Photo of Cat Bed - PVC - Walnut- Vinyl - Royal - 21" X 15"
  • $39.00