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Donate a ShelterBed to Baywater Animal Rescue in Cambridge, MD

Logo for Baywater Animal Rescue

We provide humane shelter and care for companion animals in need, promote kindness and a clear opportunity for life; every life is precious!  We serve our community in ways that also benefit animals by providing outreach and educational services, behavioral training, pet food pantry for those in need, and any other opportunities to develop connections between people and pets.  Thanks for helping us give the pets in our care a comfortable place to rest on their journey!

6 Nest Vinyl Forest Almond Cat Tower

Seeking 10 more. 0 donated.

Almond Cat Tower

6 Nest Vinyl Forest



35 x 23 Vinyl Forest Almond Kennel Bed

Seeking 9 more. 1 donated.

Almond Kennel Bed

35 x 23 Vinyl Forest



40 x 25 Vinyl Royal Anodized Aluminum Bed

Seeking 6 more. 4 donated.

Anodized Aluminum Bed

40 x 25 Vinyl Royal



35 x 23 Vinyl Forest Anodized Aluminum Bed

Seeking 8 more. 2 donated.

Anodized Aluminum Bed

35 x 23 Vinyl Forest



40 x 25 Vinyl Royal Almond Kennel Bed

Seeking 7 more. 3 donated.

Almond Kennel Bed

40 x 25 Vinyl Royal



Vinyl Forest Almond Cat Bed

Seeking 4 more. 6 donated.

Almond Cat Bed

Vinyl Forest



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